Przyimki czasu, miejsca i kierunku ruchu

Sierpień 17, 2022 Agata Pruszyńska


Przyimki czasu – Prepositions of time

at seven o’clock, at 8.45, at the weekend, at lunchtime, at night, at midnight,
at Easter, at Christmas, at sunset, at present, at the moment, at the same time,
at the end of the year / month / week


in 2018, in February, in the morning / in the afternoon / in the evening,
in (the) spring / in (the) summer / in (the) autumn / in (the) winter,
in the 19th century, in the Middle Ages, in the past, in (the) future,
in a moment, in five minutes / in three months (= in three months’ time)


on Thursday(s), on Wednesday afternoons, on 25th May, on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Day,
on my birthday


within 3 hours, within five weeks


I work from Monday to Friday.
I work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
We lived in England from 2005 to 2011.


I work from Monday until Friday.
I work from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.


until Tuesday, until April, until 5 o’clock, until I come back home


UWAGA: Nie stosujemy przyimków przed wyrażeniami z:

  • this … (this afternoon, this month, etc.)

  • last … (last Tuesday, last week, etc.)

  • next … (next Friday, next weekend, etc.)

  • every … (every Monday, every week, etc.)


Are you going out this Saturday?
Last year we went to Spain.
I’m going away next Friday.
We visit our partents every week.



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Przyimki miejsca – Prepositions of place

in the kitchen / in the room / in the garden,
in your hand / in your mouth, in the mountains,
in the city centre / in a town / in a city / in a village,
in the river / in the pool / in the sea,
in the washing machine / in the box / in the bag / in the cupboard,
in Paris / in Spain, in the street / in Oxford Street,
in the north / in the east / in the west / in the south (of ….),
in a shop / a bank / a factory, in a car / in a taxi,
in a book / in a newspaper / in a story / in a magazine / in a letter,
in hospital / in prison / in jail,
in the sky, in the world, in bed, in a photograph / in a picture,
in the middle (of …), in a line / in a row / in a queue,
in the country / in the countryside, in an office / in a department,
in the front / in the back of a car, in the corner of a room

The grandfather clock is in the corner of the room.


on the floor / on the wall / on the ceiling / on a door, on a shelf, on a plate, on a balcony,
on the tree / on the grass / on the beach, on the island, on the envelope, on the Moon,
on a horse / on a bicycle / on a motorbike / on a bus / on a train / on a plane / on a ship,

on the ground floor / on the first floor, on the way (to …) / on the way home,
on the left / on the right, on the left-hand side / on the right-hand side,
on a map / on a menu / on a list, on a farm,
on a river / on a road / on the coast,
on the front / on the back of a letter / a piece of paper

Who is that couple on the motorbike?
Vienna is on the (river) Danube.
Nice is on the south coast of France.

She wrote the date on the back of the letter.


at the bus stop / at the station / at the airport, at the traffic lights / at the roundabout,
at reception (= at the reception desk),
at Andrew’s (house) / at my brother’s (house) /at the doctor’s / at the hairdresser’s,
at the theatre / at the cinema / at a basketball match,
at a concert / at a party / at a wedding / at a disco / at a conference / at a meeting,
at the table / at the door / at the window, at dinner,
at home / at work / at school / at university / at college / at a restaurant,
at the beginning / at the end, at the top / at the bottom,
at the front / at the back of a building / theatre / group of people,
at the corner / on the corner of a street,
at sea (=on a voyage)

There is a street lamp at / on the corner of the street.
It was a long voyage. Our sailors were at sea for 45 days.


Inne przyimki miejsca:
in front of (przed), behind (za), opposite (naprzeciwko, na wprost), between (pomiędzy), among (wśród), by (przy), under (pod), above (nad), near (w pobliżu), next to (obok)



Przyimki kierunku ruchu – Prepositions of movement


OUT OF = Jerry came out of the building.
OVER = Chris jumped over the wall.
ACROSS = We swam across the river.
OFF = My parents got off the bus.
ALONG = Susan took a walk along the river.
UP = They went up the hill.
DOWN = Sarah ran down the stairs.
THROUGH = He went through passport control.
INTO = Don’t jump into the river.
TOWARDS = I was walking towards her.
TO = We went to the cinema.
FROM … TO … = We flew from Warsaw to Glasgow.


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