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Lipiec 4, 2018 Agata Pruszyńska

Nauka angielskiego online przez aktywne czytanie po angielsku –
Part #2

Mamy kolejny post dedykowany aktywnemu czytaniu w języku angielskim. Tak jak poprzednio, czeka na Was artykuł w języku angielskim, słowniczek oraz zestaw gotowych ćwiczeń do samodzielnego rozwiązania. Mam nadzieję, że będzie to dla Was świetna okazja, żeby nauczyć się czegoś nowego.

Tym razem tematyka jest może bardziej kobieca, ponieważ artykuł dotyczy trzech najbardziej znanych domów handlowych na świecie. Wybór był subiektywny, więc być może nie pokryje się z Waszymi typami. Wśród najsłynniejszych galerii handlowych nie mogło oczywiście zabraknąć Harrods’a. Bardziej męska dziedzina pojawiła się na blogu ostatnio, a dotyczyła rozgrywanych właśnie Mistrzostw świata w piłce nożnej. Artykuł znajdziecie tutaj – The FIFA World Cup.

Zachęcam Was do podjęcia wakacyjnego wyzwania. Przez 2 miesiące, w każdy czwartek, będę zamieszczała na tym blogu językowym artykuły po angielsku. Wasze zadanie będzie polegało na uważnym przeczytanie tekstu, nauce nowego słownictwa oraz rozwiązaniu kilku zadań powiązanych z tekstem. W ten sposób będziecie mogli sprawdzić na sobie samych naukę angielskiego online.


What are the most famous department stores in the world?

Fashion has always been followed by women, but recently we can easily notice that men are also into it. You can argue if it’s right or not, but as a matter of fact fashion is a huge business which yields a big profit every year.

When you visit the biggest cities in the world, it’s quite common that you’ll find glamorous department stores there. Which of them are the most famous and definitely worth seeing?


  1. Harrods

Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku - Harrods


Harrods is one of the most well-known department stores in the world. It’s situated in West London in a posh residential and retail district (Knightsbridge). It was established by Charles Henry Harrod in the 19th century. At the very beginning it was a wholesale grocery and only two employees were selling vegetables, fruit and foodstuffs. Then Harrod started to expand his business rapidly and took into possession of the adjacent buildings. His retail sales were thriving.

Before Harrods was sold to Qatar Holdings in 2010, Mohamed Al-Fayed had been its chairman for many years, to be precise – since 1985. Harrods was sold for £1.5 billion and now it is still possessed by the state of Qatar[1].

At Harrods there are 330 departments with selling space of over one million square feet. More than 5,000 people are employed by the store. People working for Harrods come from different countries around the world. The staff comprise shop assistants, hairdressers, barbers, bankers, doctors, tailors, event planners, caterers, beauticians, interior designers and even firefighters.

If you feel overwhelmed with a large number of shops, you can book a personal shopper who helps people to navigate their way through shopping arcades.

On special days, for example on post-holiday sales, about 300,000 customers come and spend their money at Harrods.

Even if you’re not a great lover of shopping, you have to visit Harrods when you’re in London. Harrods is a great place to eat something really delicious at one of its famous food halls or restaurants. Ice cream and fresh fish are highly recommended.

Harrods is famous for supplying ‘all things, for all people, everywhere’. You can buy there whatever you need – from clothes to domestic appliances. A wide variety of products includes:

– clothes,
– jewellery,
– stationery,
– electronics,
– toys,
– furniture,
– sports equipment,
– pet accessories,
– housewares,
– cosmetics and toiletries.

Since 1910 the royal warrants had been held by Harrods. As a result Harrods was a supplier of some goods to British monarchs. Among other people, the store provided Queen Elizabeth II with Provisions and Household Good. The royal warrants were removed in 2000 by Harrods’ chairman – Mohamed Al-Fayed. He maintained that they were a ‘curse’ and their removal was beneficial to Harrods’ revenues which allegedly tripled since that time[2].

When you go to Harrods, you have to bear in mind that appropriate clothes are required to be let in. Some items of clothing are forbidden. You won’t be allowed to enter the store if you wear tracksuit, flip flops, uniform or beach shorts[3]. What’s more, you must look neat and tidy.



  1. The Galeries Lafayette

Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku - The Galeries Lafayette


The Galeries Lafayette is a French chain with 280 high-class department stores worldwide. At present it operates in many countries and different locations in France. However, its dazzling flagship store is situated on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The store was designed by one of the most talented French architects. Building works were completed in 1912. This ten-storeyed building consists of stained-glass dome, Art Nouveau staircase and rooftop terrace. There is a possibility to sign up for a free guided tour. Furthermore, every week fashion show is held at the Galeries[4]. Everybody is welcome and admission is free. If you happen to be in Paris, don’t miss it.

The Galeries Lafayette Group has its headquarters in Paris. The department store is filled with luxury jewellery, health and beauty items, home decor and tailor-made clothes as well. If you’re a connoisseur of food, you will be in your element when you visit the store. It’s famous for its prestigious food section. If you’re in a hurry, you can grab a quick bite, but if you’ve got plenty of time, you can take delight in eating exquisite dishes.



  1. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku - The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


The Galleria was designed and built in the 19th century in the centre of Milan. It is made up of two intercepting arcades covered with glass and joined by an octagonal space topped with an enormous glass dome. The roof is covered with lanterns which makes this place even more spectacular.

The Galleria connects The Duomo and the Teatro Alla Scala – two of Milan’s most famous landmarks[5]. On the other hand, the marble-floored Galleria is a remarkable Milan attraction itself.

Italy has always been known for being at the cutting edge of fashion and it has set the fashion for ages. The store is the oldest and most elegant shopping centre in Italy. When you visit Milan, there is no chance that you’ll miss it. The Galleria is a great predecessor of up-to-date shopping malls, definitely worth a visit. It revolutionized the modern glazed and enclosed shopping malls. It is often considered the world’s first shopping mall. It is named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy.

The Galleria is not only popular with tourists but also Milan’s inhabitants who choose this place to meet with friends and dine out. This is why it’s often referred as ‘il salotto di Milano’ which means Milan’s drawing room.

At the Galleria you can find the most reputable and oldest restaurants (Biffi Caffè, the Savini restaurant) and shops in Milan. It contains shops with jewellery, luxury clothes, books and paintings. There are also many cafés, bars and even a hotel.

It’s an interesting point that McDonald’s restaurant occupied the area in the Galleria for 20 years. Then, it was replaced with Prada store.

McDonald’s was stopped from renewing its lease. The landlord – the City of Milan was sued for damages. McDonald’s files a claim for € 24 million compensation[6]. It was estimated on the basis of its annual sales (€ 6 milion per year). Finally Mc Donald’s was offered to open a new restaurant in a nearby area and dropped lawsuit against the City of Milan.



Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku Part 2 - Glossary


  • as a matter of fact – właściwie, prawdę mówiąc

  • yield a profit – przynosić zysk

  • glamorous – prestiżowy, efektowny

  • department store – dom towarowy

  • posh district – ekskluzywna dzielnica

  • wholesale grocery – sklep spożywczy sprzedający towar hurtowo

  • take into possession of sth – objąć coś w posiadanie

  • adjacent buildings – przyległe/sąsiadujące budynki

  • comprise – składać się z

  • post-holiday sales – poświąteczna wyprzedaż

  • be famous for – słynąć z

  • domestic appliances – sprzęty gospodarstwa domowego (AGD)

  • royal warrants – dyplom dostawcy królewskiego

  • provide sb with sth – zaopatrywać kogoś w coś

  • allegedly – rzekomo

  • triple – potrajać się

  • bear in mind (that) – pamiętać, (że)

  • high-class – luksusowy

  • dazzling – olśniewający

  • flagship store – sztandarowy dom towarowy

  • consist of – składać się z

  • fashion show – pokaz mody

  • admission – wstęp

  • headquarters – główna siedziba

  • tailor-made clothes – ubrania szyte na miarę

  • be in one’s element – być w swoim żywiole

  • take delight in sth/doing sth – rozkoszować się czymś

  • intercepting arcades – przecinające się pasaże (handlowe)

  • be at the cutting edge of fashion – torować nowe drogi w modzie

  • set the fashion – wyznaczać styl

  • predecessor – poprzednik

  • up-to-date – nowoczesny

  • name sb after sb – nazwać kogoś po kimś

  • be popular with – cieszyć się popularnością wśród

  • drawing room – salon

  • renew lease – przedłużać umowę najmu

  • file a claim for compensation – wnieść pozew o odszkodowanie

  • drop lawsuit against sb – wycofać pozew przeciwko komuś



Jeżeli wpis Wam się spodobał, to zapraszam gorąco do śledzenia kolejnych artykułów na blogu w ramach wakacyjnego wyzwania i aktywnego czytania po angielsku. Do zobaczenia w kolejny czwartek!



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