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Sierpień 20, 2018 Agata Pruszyńska

Nauka angielskiego online przez aktywne czytanie po angielsku – Part #4

Po dość długiej przerwie zapraszam na kolejny wpis poświęcony aktywnemu czytaniu w języku angielskim. Czeka na Was nowy artykuł, słowniczek oraz porcja zadań do samodzielnego rozwiązania i przetestowania swojej wiedzy. Mam nadzieję, że również tym razem uda Wam się nauczyć paru nowych rzeczy, a Ci którzy jeszcze nie zdecydowali się na wspólną naukę angielskiego online, w końcu to zrobią.

Dzisiejszy artykuł dotyczy naszych narodowych cech charakteru i skupia się na pozytywnych aspektach naszej narodowości. Jestem ciekawa, czy zgodzicie się z tymi cechami, czy jednak uznacie je (lub ich część) za stereotypowe.

Osoby zainteresowane czytaniem po angielsku zapraszam do zaglądania do pozostałych części z artykułami po angielsku i zadaniami. Znajdziecie je tutaj:

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Qualities and characteristic features of Polish people

Every nation has its unique qualities. We know that German people are famous for their reliability. They are said to be hard-working, efficient and well-organised. The French are romantic and stylish. They’ve got exquisite taste in clothes. The Italians are thought to be a little bit lazy and quick-tempered. They love their cuisine and traditional dishes but they’re helpless to organise anything. American people keep smiling and thinking positively all the time. They’re very outgoing and warm-hearted.

And what about the Poles? What are they like?Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku - Poland


  1. Polish hospitality

When Polish people invite guests to their houses, it is certain that the table will laden with food and drink. It doesn’t matter that the guests probably won’t be able to eat even half of it.

It is said that variety is the spice of life and it seems as if the Poles truly believe in it when it comes to cooking. They love to add variety to the dishes they make.

When you are a guest, it’s almost impossible that you will even think of complaining about lack of something. You will be served with everything you wish to. Polish people love home-made meals and preparations may start even two days earlier. The Poles are well-known for their celebrating of Christmas and Easter. They invite all members of the family, numerous relatives and friends to the feast which lasts two days. When Polish person invite you over, prepare for exquisite eating experience. The Poles love their potatoes and cabbage, so don’t be surprised when you see lots of it on the table.


  1. Working hard

Polish people are said to be one of the most hard-working nation in the whole Europe. Their diligence and commitment are appreciated worldwide. Polish people have been classified high in the rankings over the years. In recent OECD study, the Poles were the third most hard-working nation in Europe[1]. Interestingly, the Poles were surpassed by the Greeks and Russians. According to the newest OECD statistics, an average Pole worked 1 928 hours in 2017. It’s much more than an average amount of working hours (1763 hours) calculated for all countries which are members of OECD.

It’s worth remembering that Polish people work not only in their homeland, but also abroad. Their work is highly valued and they stand out from the others.


  1. The best fans in the world

Maybe there aren’t many sportsmen in Poland, but if there is somebody who has a talent for doing sport, he can absolutely rely on Polish people’s support.

The Poles love their sportsmen and are known to be the best fans across the world.  Among the best Polish sportsmen there are ski jumpers, athletes, tennis players, racing drivers, volleyball and handball players. Adam Małysz is said to be the best sportsman of all time. His performances brought us so much joy and aroused so many emotions.

The whole Poland was overwhelmed with joy when he took part in ski jumping competitions. He was the best ski jumper for many years who won the World Championships four times. In addition, he won silver and bronze medals at the Winter Olympics and was the best ski jumper three times in a row.


  1. Catholic and religious

Almost 88% of Polish people are catholic[2] and many of them go to church every Sunday. Gorgeous churches are scattered throughout the country. Some of them date back to the 10th century. They’re definitely worth a visit because you’ll be stunned with their majestic beauty. Interestingly, more and more churches are being built in Poland.
Being religious is quite normal for Polish people and you can easily discern that in means of public transport some of them even make the sign of cross. When you come to Poland you can have this very religious, conservative feeling.


  1. Family

Family is very important to the Poles. The Silesians are thought to be the most family-oriented people in Poland. Polish people willingly take care of their older parents and lodging them in the retirement home is usually unacceptable.


  1. Reserved and serious

Polish people usually show no emotions. Their faces look neutral. You can notice it everywhere – at the station, in a restaurant, in a shop etc. They look as if they were deadly serious. What is more, Polish people don’t smile at strangers in the street. However, don’t be deceived by appearances. Polish people can be amusing and outgoing and you probably will be astonished when you get to know them better.


  1. Entrepreneurial

Many people in Poland set up their own business activities and make a go of them. Polish people are renowned for their resourcefulness. Several Polish companies are recognized leaders in the world. Among them there are:

  • Pesa – a company manufacturing railway vehicles in Bydgoszcz

  • Solaris Bus & Coach – bus and tram manufacturer in Poznań

  • CD Projekt S.A. (PLC) – a company publishing video games in Warsaw, best known for their Witcher series

The Poles are a highly entrepreneurial nation. They always seize the opportunity to run their own companies.




Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku - Polish People




  • reliability – solidność

  • quick-tempered – porywczy

  • warm-hearted – serdeczny

  • the table will laden with food and drink – stół będzie uginał się od jedzenia i picia

  • variety is the spice of life – różnorodność nadaje życiu smak

  • numerous – liczny

  • exquisite – wyśmienity, wyjątkowy

  • diligence – gorliwość, pracowitość

  • commitment – zaangażowanie, oddanie

  • surpass – przewyższać

  • stand out from sb/sth – wyróżniać się spośród kogoś/czegoś

  • arouse – wzbudzać

  • overwhelmed with joy – nie posiadający się z radości

  • in addition – w dodatku, na dodatek

  • scatter – rozrzucać

  • date back to – pochodzić z, datować się od

  • stunned – zaszokowany

  • discern – dostrzegać

  • lodge – zakwaterować

  • retirement home – dom spokojnej starości

  • be deceived by appearances – dać się zwieść pozorom

  • amusing – zabawny

  • make a go of sth – rozkręcić interes

  • resourcefulness – przedsiębiorczość, zaradność

  • seize the opportunity to do sth – skorzystać z okazji, żeby coś zrobić



Blog o nauce angielskiego - Nauka angielskiego online - Czytanie po angielsku Part 4





Ex. 1 Answer the following questions.

  1. Do you agree about stereotypes mentioned in the text about different nationalities (the Germans, the French, the Italians, and the Americans)?

  2. Do you know any other stereotypical ideas about other nationalities?

  3. Do you agree about 7 characteristics features of Polish people listed in the article above?

  4. What are the traditional dishes which you would recommend foreign tourist when they’re in Poland?

  5. What places in Poland are definitely worth seeing?

  6. Would you rather spend your holiday in Poland than go abroad?

  7. Have you ever shown somebody around your town or another place in Poland?

  8. Would you recommend Poland as a tourist destination?

  9. What are the benefits and drawbacks of living in Poland?

  10. Is it an easy-to-live country for foreigners?



Ex. 2 Find synonyms for the given words. Match the words from column A with column B.

COLUMN A                                       COLUMN B

1. efficient                                         a) shocked
2. quick-tempered                             b) funny
3. diligence                                       c) stir up
4. surpass                                          d) effective
5. arouse                                           e) notice
6. scatter                                           f) take advanatage of
7. stunned                                         g) hot-headed
8. discern                                          h) be better or greater than
9. amusing                                        i) spread
10. seize the opportunity                  j) industry



Ex. 3 Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions.

  1. She is said …….. be the nicest person in the world.

  2. Stop complaining …….. everything. I can’t stand it any more.

  3. Did Patrick invite you ……..?

  4. Patricia is an exceptionally beautiful model and she stands …….. from the other models.

  5. When I heard the news I was overwhelmed …….. joy.

  6. This old temple dates …….. to 550 BC.

  7. He seems to be a nice guy, but in reality he isn’t. Don’t be deceived …….. appearances.

  8. I’m helpless …….. conduct fruitful negotiations.

  9. Ten years ago he set …….. his company and made a go …….. it.

  10. I was stunned …….. his death.


Kolejne artykuły będą cyklicznie pojawiać się na blogu. Zapraszam do śledzenia mojego bloga językowego i wspólnej nauki angielskiego online : )


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